Bring Your Ads To Life!

Digital Live Ads is an outdoor advertising firm located in Macomb, Michigan, we offer unique state-of-the-art LED screens mounted on custom-built mobile units or permanently installed. These brilliant digital displays offer cost-effective, high impact, targeted, and flexible marketing campaigns. Digital Live Ads is priced to accommodate virtually any event budget.

Digital Live Ads realized the power of LED screen advertising and marketing compared to other media. Electronic LED display is one of the most cost effective means to communicate your message to a large audience. 

Research has shown that 94% of people passing digital billboards can recall them while only 43% recall static, non-dynamic, billboards. Digital billboard advertising is proven to be 6 times more effective over static billboard advertising (Harris poll – Silicon View). Companies can now reach millions of people while taking advantage of the effectiveness of LED screen advertising at high profile events, at affordable pricing.